Tape less blade wire dartboard
(1)Tape less competition dartboard.
(2)Tape less blank dartboard with its accessories.
Scope of patent protection
All the dartboards without tape are protected by our patent.

Round wire dartboard
Scope of patent protection
*Round wire dartboard&Diamond wire dartboard is straw fibre, which is protected by our patent.
*Round wire dartboard&Diamond wire dartboard adopt flocking process, which is protected by our patent.

Blade wire dartboard
(1)New generation international competition dartboard.
Scope of patent protection
1)The razor-thin radial spider without external legs, which is protected by our patent.
2)The dartboard adopt flocking process.
3)Fibre dartboard: straw fibre dartboard.
They are all protected by our patent.

Scope of patent protection
Square & Round surround: structure, scoreboard, darts holder are protected by patent.

Dartboard accessories
Razor-thin radial spider without external legs.
Number ring with triangle structure & standard number.
Bull eye: super thin bull eye with inner slide system.
They are all protected by our patent.

We hereby inform you that the above products and accessories are protected by patent, our company is exclusive manufacturer and distributor. We hereby prohibit the production, procurement and sale of these products without authorization from us!